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Placing your Order

Some manuals have a secured pay now link or button. These services and manuals are available within a relatively short period of time, usually just a couple days. Select the desired manual on the right for more ordering information.

Certifications require a review of your proposed operation so we can provide a quotation. To get you started we require that you call to discuss your proposed operation, or you can simply fill out and remit the Company Information Form.

After You Order

After you place your order, we start on a first draft for your review and commenting. Typically we email an Adobe Acrobat pdf file. The user can edit the files, comment, highlight, and return for changes. We'll then prepare the finals for FAA submission. Final copies are delivered in electronic (pdf) and hard copy unless otherwise requested. Some FAA Inspectors will accept the electronic copies, in those situations we suggest waiting to deliver the hard copies until FAA approval.

For certifications that take you through the FAA application process we provide a written agreement that outlines more details.

What's Included

- All manuals, with few exceptions, are customized to your operations.

- Electronic (pdf) and hard copies

- Any style, font, colors, or design.

- User provided logo will be included if desired.

- Choice of binding and paper. Click here for options. Also see below.

- 3 free manual copies; FAA, PBO, and aircraft.


Manual Hard Copies

Once you have placed your order you will need to choose the binding. We suggest 3 ring binders for most manuals for ease of updating.

All manuals are completed with the following specs, if you desire different binding or paper stock select from the link below and notify us when you place your order. Additional costs may apply.


- 3 ring white binder with cover and spine

- Cover and spine are printed in color the rest of the document is black and white

- 24 pound bright white paper

- Section tabs


Full certifications vary based on where you plan to fly, and what aircraft you operate. For these services we provide a quotation, and require your authorization before we start. Part 135 and 145 certifications require 50% down payment, and the balance is paid upon completion and FAA submission.

Services and manuals that have fixed costs typically have a "buy now" button that will show the cost.

Additional cost lists are provided here.





Manual Not Listed?

If you can not find what you are looking for here, just give us a call or an email. We'll be glad to help.