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Aviation Information Resources

Bringing it All Together

The topics here summarize the regulatory information that is required for pilots, aircraft owners, and operators. The general topic then takes you to more detailed information if desired. Information that is frequently updated will take you to the responsible agency web site.

Federal Aviation Regulations

Regulatory Page


Always reference the most current regulation.


FAA Inspectors Handbook

Information about your specific certification requirements, how its done, and what you need. Very important to those applying for new certifications, RVSM, and more. The site changes so look up the document at for the most current version.

Aeronautical Information Manual

Commonly referred to as the "AIM", this document supports the FAR's, and provides general guidance. See the Regulatory Page.


Advisory Circulars

The FAA's Advisory Circular system contains everything from rule making process to certification guidance. Other important topics are also included relating to certifications.




ACCG helps get you through the FAA paperwork

ACCG helps solve the common problem of getting a Part 135 Air Carrier Certification by providing the information you need to get your operation up and flying. Most common is the lack of information that is necessary to provide the FAA in order to process your application. Our know-how and experience with the many FSDO's around the United States (and the world) save you time and money, money you could be making flying instead of doing paperwork.

ACCG has the resources you need

ACCG is airline pilot owned and operated. We're intimately familiar with the needs of the aircraft charter and maintenance industries. And because of our good history of working with numerous FAA personnel and Air Carriers, we have become known and been recommended as the one source for air carrier certification needs.