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Part 135 Training Program



Part 135 Training Programs

The content of your Part 135 Training Program should include the information listed in the FAA Inspectors Handbook 8900.1. Additional training emphasis should include emphasis to your operations and environment. Another words your program content should cover your aircraft and the applicable FARs as well as the areas that you operate. This may include regulations from foreign countries.

Basic Training Program structure for the United States is outlined below. Each area is required, however content varies widely.


Basic Indoctrination (Basic Indoc)

Basic Indoc covers the your company specific operations. Smaller companies may not require to involve pilot training on nearly as much as those that operate world wide. Subject examples include company structure, history, and company facilities.

Ground Training

Ground Training is general subjects applicable to your operations such as Federal Aviation Regulations, Operations Specifications, Air Traffic Control, and Meteorology.

Part of Ground Training also includes the Aircraft Specific Curriculum Segment. These modules would include CSI, aircraft systems, hydraulics, and the like.

Flight Training

Flight Training curriculum subjects includes aircraft specific training and the FAA required 135 pilot training subjects.

Emergency Training

These are general subjects as well as the aircraft specific. How to operate the emergency exits for example.

Special Curriculums

Just that, the catch all for additional subjects that are not included in the industry standard subjects.

Hazardous Materials Training or HAZMAT

Includes hazardous materials recognition, reporting, and various information related to air transportion.