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There are a number of things that you should do in order to prepare you for certification. You can start by reviewing the information below, as well as the Part 91K certification information process page. The list below will help you get on your way to an uneventful process, and the reading should be done by all first time management personnel. We will guide you throughout the process.

Application Process for Part 91 Subchapter K

Below is a summary of the Fractional Program application process. Variations will exist by operator size and complexity. The information is extracted from the latest draft of the Fractional's certification advisory circular, additional details may be found at

Notice the "Gates" are back! So far this is how we have seen the FAA inspectors conduct the certification procedures. It has been followed closely.

Most of this information is taken from the applicable AC's and Inspectors Handbook, but we condensed the information down to the more pertinent. If you want the full versions go to the FAA web site:


Certifications using the Gate system

The Gate system is typically used (not always) for Part 91 Sub-K certifications. When used, it provides a logical and chronological order of the events and documents that must take place in each Phase. All the Phases must be complete to proceed to the next gate.

Go here to review the FAA certification process.


Statement of Compliance

Part of your certification includes the Statement of Compliance, also known as the Letter of Compliance (LOC). This document is primarily used to show how each regulation will be complied with.


Program Operating Manual (POM)

This manual contains information about your general policies, duties, responsibilities of personnel, operational control policy, and procedures. Part 91, subpart K requires that your manuals include instructions and information that allow your personnel to perform their duties and responsibilities.

ACCG will work closely together with the Program Manager and develop the procedures for your specific operation.


Training Program

Your training program includes curriculum segments similar to those for part 135. Part of the training program requirement includes demonstration of the use of the manual during training with the FAA inspector(s) present.



Some FAA Certification Notes

  • Review the appropriate sections of the Inspectors Handbook regarding new certifications. The Inspectors perform many other duties, and quite often have completed few new certifications. Your knowledge of the procedures will help.
  • Remember the actual procedures will vary from FSDO to FSDO and from Inspector to Inspector.
  • We have found that most inspectors follow the procedures outlined in the Inspectors Handbook, while some use the Gate System. The important thing is to learn how your inspector wants things done, and then do it that way. We have found that it rarely pays off arguing with the inspector.
  • Stay on top of it. Don't hesitate to call your inspector if you don't hear from him (or her). Quite often, due to reasons unknown, phone calls will not be returned so you will have to keep calling until you get what you need.