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Go from hard copy manuals to electronic manuals in Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, or Word Perfect. File copies can be easily stored, emailed, and exchanged saving you time and money.

Dealing with hard copy documentation, and no electronic version can be challenging and time consuming, and it also provides a challenge for distribution. Imagine having your documents available from anywhere in the world, searching with the click of a button, it can be that simple. ACCG provides electronic conversion and storage services for your documents in a variety of formats. Word, PDF, PDA, and more. Send us an email or give us a call and see how we can benefit your organization.

Need your manuals online or in an Electronic Flight Bag? ACCG will scan your manual for you! Give us a call at 561.373.5962, or send an email to set your job. You can use the table below for pricing guidance on most conversions, however we do require a job quote for your specific manuals.

What can I do with electronic manuals?

Internet storage and retrieval, FAA collaboration, access anywhere with a computer just to name a few. The possibilities and endless. The latest wave of electronic manual storage we have seen is for use in the Electronic Flight Bags.

How much does it cost?

Jobs vary, mainly by the number of pages in your manual. Other variables are the method that you deliver the manuals to us for conversion. For example hard copy conversion would involve additional charges for scanning. A Word or PDF file would not because the process would take place from the file.

Manual Conversion Prices (average)

Item Description
Scanning Manual to Word or PDF (scan and OCR only)
$1.00 per page
Scan and convert to Word or PDF (including proof read)
$2.50 per page
Online Storage with internet access 1-100 page book
$70.00 per year
Online Storage with internet access 200-300 page book(s)
$105.00 per year
Please call for additional online storage options
Email or Call Please