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Kinds of Maintenance Programs

All aircraft are required to have a maintenance program, the program must cover the entire aircraft. Programs range from the minimum FAR required 100 / Annual to the custom operator made program under 14 CFR 135.411(a)(2). Most choose to operate under 135.411(a)(1) and adopt the manufacturer's maintenance program. For lighter and older aircraft that means pretty much doing the 100 hour / annual. Large and jet aircraft operators tend to benefit most by choosing one of the manufacturer's programs. Some of the aircraft like King Airs and many helicopter models do not cover the entire aircraft, so the FAA usually requires you to have a AAIP as well.


Approved Aircraft Inspection Program (AAIP)

Recently the FAA has been requiring more operators to have an Approved Aircraft Inspection Program (AAIP) added to their repertoire of manuals. As stated in 14 CFR 91.409, the operator may elect to use one, or the FAA may require it. For the most part you are likely already doing everything that is required. The problem is there is no document, except partially in your Operations Specifications, that says you will follow the manufacturer’s program, and often not everything is covered by the manufacturer; things such as new avionics, recently installed glass cockpit, and STC items. Emergency equipment is another example of items that are not covered in the manufacturer’s program. The AAIP allows each operator to incorporate all of these additional items along with the manufacturer’s program to create a complete program that satisfies all of the aircraft inspection requirements. ACCG can help you craft a well-developed and monitored AAIP that should result in a more efficient inspection program. We will collect information from you regarding your aircraft including everything that has been installed and/or modified, along with the inspection intervals for those items and incorporate them into a more complete inspection program. And, of course, we will also work with you until you receive FAA approval for your AAIP.


AAIP Regulations

14 CFR 91.409(e): States in part.....No person may operate a large airplane, turbojet multiengine airplane, turbopropeller-powered multiengine airplane, or turbine-powered rotorcraft…..unless it is inspected in accordance with 14 CFR 91.409(f) which talks about the selection of an inspection program, of which AAIP is one. 14 CFR 91.409(f)(2): Identifies AAIP as an approved aircraft inspection program approved under 14 CFR Part 135.419 and currently in use by a person holding a Part 135 operating certificate. 14 CFR 135.419(b): indicates that a certificate holder who wants to add a AAIP to Operations Specifications must submit that program with its application to the FAA for approval.


No matter which you choose we can help. ACCG assists operators with Part 91, Part 135, General Operations Manuals, Maintenance Control Manuals, and Approved Aircraft Inspection Programs for all sizes.