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The Flight Operations Manual

Flight Operations Manuals are an important tool for organizing your flight department. A good Flight Operations Manual provides company policies and procedures, standard operating procedures, and training requirements. An FOM also increases safety, efficiency, and reduces operating costs.

In most cases, large jet operators are going to need a custom Flight Operations Manual tailored to the operation. For example if you are a turbine operator that flies to Bermuda you are required to have a Safety Management Program. The SMS would be incorporated into your FOM.

ACCG Services

We work with you to create a FOM that is customized to your operation, not a generic manual that fits all. The FOM will be built based on the FARs that apply to you. Procedures in the publication are derived from procedures in the Federal Aviation Regulations. All manuals follow the latest industry provided information as well FAA recommended information.


An initial interview will be required to gather the type and areas of operations information. After words we will be able to list suggested subjects for your manual. Common to most are the ones similar to a Part 135 General Operations Manual except 14 CFR Part 91 is applied. We recommend aircraft standard operating procedures (SOP) for each aircraft, as well as safety related information to include;

  • Fueling
  • Parts of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR)
  • Training requirements
  • Limitations and restrictions
  • Some operators require International as well as deicing/anti-icing procedures

Order anytime by email, submitting the Order Form, or give us a call. We look forward to working with you!