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To transport people or property for hire you must also have DOT Authority. The information and links here will guide you through the basics. Approval requirements range with size and complexity, smaller being the easier.

Most FAR Part 135 operators will obtain DOT authority utilizing the 298 exemption. The following information will assist you in obtaining economic authority from the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs. The information has been extracted from various sources of the Federal Aviation Administration in order to provide everything you need into one place. By selecting the links below you will be taken to the actual government web site that provides the information.

DOT Authority for Air Carriers

Under Title 49 of the United States Code, anyone who wants to provide air transportation service as a U.S. air carrier or foreign air carrier must first obtain two separate authorizations from the Department of Transportation: "safety" authority from the Federal Aviation Administration and "economic" authority from the Office of the Secretary of Transportation. Economic authority for U.S. carriers may be in the form of either a certificate for interstate or foreign passengers and/or cargo and mail authority, an all-cargo air transportation certificate, or authorization as a commuter air carrier. Economic authority for foreign carriers may be in the form of either a foreign air carrier permit or an exemption. For more information on the economic licensing process, please review the publications below. Information on public charter authority can be found on the Public Charter Page.

Department of Transportation (DOT) Forms and Information Links

How to Become a Certificated Air Carrier