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Isle of Man

Recent changes in the Isle of Man now requires IOM registered aircraft operators to have a Company Operations Manual, Maintenance Control Manual, Minimum Equipment List, and additional operating documents depending on size. For details reference the International Civil Aviation Organisation Annex 6 Part II Section 3 (large and turbojet aeroplanes) - Isle of Man Civil Aviation Legislation Amendment.

The Company Operations Manual requirements from IOMAR.

Industry Notice 015 and Maintenance Control Manual approval information.

San Marino

During late 2013 the Republic of San Marino introduced new aircraft registry. It is not required to establish a company in San Marino.

Additional Countries

Aruba, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, and the Bahamas are also utilized for aircraft registration purposes. These countries have similar requirements as the Isle of Man and San Marino.

Company Operations Manual (COM)

The Company Operations Manual will vary slightly with the size of aircraft. Most are going to require a manual with the following;

  • the duties, responsibilities and succession of the management and operating personnel of the operator;
  • the aircraft operators safety management system;
  • the operational control system;
  • details of the aircrafts minimum equipment list procedures;
  • the flight preparation procedures in respect of the aircraft, including procedures for briefing passengers;
  • how cabin baggage must be stowed and secured when the aircraft is taking-off or landing;
  • how operational flight planning in respect of the aircraft must be carried out;
  • normal flight operations including fuel procedures and requirements;
  • the standard operating procedures in respect of the aircraft together with its
  • performance information as shown in its operating manual;
  • any weather limitations in respect of the aircraft, the use of alternate aerodromes and aerodrome operating minima;
  • a fatigue risk management programme;
  • any noise abatement procedures to be adopted in respect of the aircraft;
  • the emergency operations applicable to the aircraft;
  • how any accident or other incident in respect of the aircraft is to be dealt with and recorded;
  • the qualifications, including proficiency in the use of the English language, and training that each member of the crew of the aircraft must have or must have undertaken;
  • the records that must be kept in respect of the aircraft and who must keep them;
  • the maintenance control system in respect of the aircraft;
  • any applicable security procedures in respect of the aircraft;
  • the performance operating limitations of the aircraft;
  • if applicable, the use and protection of the flight data recorder records and cockpit voice recorder records of the aircraft;
  • how the electronic navigation data management systems of the aircraft are to be used and monitored;
  • how dangerous goods on the aircraft are to be handled; and
  • the use of the aircrafts head-up displays or enhanced vision systems (enhanced vision system, synthetic vision system or combined vision system).


Maintenance Control Manual (MCM)

"The operator of an aircraft must ensure that a reference to a maintenance control manual developed in accordance with industry codes of practice is included in the company operations manual." The rest of the extract lists the manual requirements.

The manual must contain information about-

  • maintenance responsibilities;
  • the means of recording names and positions of maintenance personnel;
    the maintenance programme;
  • the methods used for the completion and retention of maintenance records;
  • the procedures for ensuring that appropriate information, including any amendment to the maintenance programme, is disseminated to others;
  • the procedures for implementing action required following the receipt of mandatory continuing airworthiness information;
  • a system of analysis and continued monitoring of the performance and efficiency of the maintenance programme in order to correct identified deficiencies;
  • the aircraft types and models to which the manual applies;
  • procedures for ensuring that any unserviceability affecting an aircrafts' airworthiness is recorded and rectified; and
  • the procedures for advising the Department of significant in-service occurrences.

The manual may be issued in parts.
The design of the manual must take account of human factors.


Getting your Manuals Approved

The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry uses different procedures for oversight and manual approval processing depending on the manual. Minimum Equipment Lists with require review and approval, a Company Operations Manual is internally reviewed and the operator is responsible to ensure its contents.


Information you will need

Each manual varies. We will require information related to aircraft equipment, in the case of an MEL build. Company Operation Manuals require management structure, titles, responsibilities and such. We usually send you a form to fill in questions, or sometimes a phone call is easier.


OK, I want to get started

Give us a call or download the Company Information Form and we will get started right away,