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Air Carrier Compliance Group, Inc. assists with certifications and aviation manuals world wide.



ACCG has been in the FAA certification business over 25 years. Air Carrier Compliance Group was founded in 1995, and Incorporated in 2001. The first air carrier certification was completed on behalf of Advanced Airways, Inc. in West Palm Beach, Florida. The Part 135 air charter company was bought out in 1998 resulting in expansion and additional aircraft and a complete re submission of FAA paperwork that ACCG provided. Over time referrals increased and business grew requiring additional personnel, computers, and other hardware. As automation grew so did efficiency and accuracy. Average turnaround of FAA manual/submission package went from 2-3 months to 2 - 3 weeks! Since inception we have completed hundreds of certifications all over the world.


ACCG helps get you through the FAA paperwork

ACCG helps solve the common problem of getting a Part 135 Air Carrier Certification by providing the information you need to get your operation up and flying. Most common is the lack of information that is necessary to provide the FAA in order to process your application. Our know-how and experience with the many FSDO's around the United States save you time and money, money you could be making flying instead of doing paperwork.


Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is #1 priority. Thanks to our team for the hard the work that has contributed to nearly 100% customer satisfaction.


ACCG has the resources you need

ACCG is airline pilot owned and operated. We are closely involved with and trained on the latest industry standards. Having this training and knowledge, we are able to stay up to date on the latest safety information available and pass it on to you.


FAA Review

The manuals we build are constantly reviewed by the Federal Aviation Administration. We take in feedback from POI's, PMI's, and PAI's and integrate improvements constantly. Working with the many Part 135 operators also helps improve the policy and procedures and operating information that we help you create in your manuals.


Choosing a consultant

New start ups need more than just the manuals. You need to know what is in your manuals and how to use them. What regulations apply and when. ACCG gives has over 20 years of aviation certification experience to help you. We are set up so that you can learn you manuals as we build them form you. The communications back and forth as we build your manuals allows the operator to already know the content before and when ready for FAA submission.



Our staff includes Certified Flight Instructors, Part 135 owner/operators, and Chart Pilots. Like a new CFI, the first year operating your own part 135 company is a learning license from the FAA. Once you are up and running we provide you with a year of consulting. When you work with Air Carrier Compliance Group we are part of your team. We help you throughout the certification process with the FAA and beyond.


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