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Full certifications vary based on where you plan to fly, and what aircraft you operate. For these services we provide a quotation, and require your authorization before we start. Part 135 and 145 certifications require 50% downpayment, and the balance is paid upon completion and FAA submission.

Prices here are for certifications. For individual manuals refer to that manual's description page. Services and manuals that have fixed costs typically have a "buy now" button that will show the cost before purchase.

For certification packages a 50% down payment is required. Upon completion of the operator review and FAA submission-ready, the balance is due. ACCG does not wait for the FAA approval, however if changes are needed they are included.

Individual manuals require prepayment.


Refund Policy

ACCG will refund any service fees charged for work that we did not start on, refunds are prorated after job start. For example if we complete the draft of your General Operations Manual, we will refund 50%.

If our product or service does not gain FAA acceptance or approval we also offer a refund for any portion caused by us.

All Manual Services Include

  • Custom built to your operation
  • Electronic (PDF) copies
  • Any style, font, colors, or design
  • User provided logo will be included if desired


Part 135 Single Pilot Certifications

  • Preparation of FAA application, required letters, FAA forms, Pre-Application Statement of Intent, formal application, special requests, and exemptions.
  • Economic Authority, DOT Authority/298 exemption.
  • Drug Program referral.
  • Statement of Compliance (SOC), sometimes referred to as Letter of Compliance (LOC).
  • Operator Forms
  • Final FAA conformity inspection preparation.
  • FAA checkride preparation

Multi-Pilot / Multi-Aircraft FAR 135 Certifications


  • Everything listed above is included plus the required Operations and Training Manuals.
  • Submission of FAA letters, initial application requests, PASI, formal applications, and special requests.
  • FAA forms.
  • Required applications.
  • Submission and necessary editing of required manuals until final approval.
  • Final FAA conformity inspection preparation.
  • General Operations Manual.
  • Training Manual (up to 3 types single or twin engine piston or light jet).
  • Proving run plan for jet aircraft.

NOTE: For jet aircraft, your current training program will be added to the training manual. Flight Safety International (FSI) or Simuflite is usually required. Flight training is not required for Single Pilot Certificate applicants.

All applicants are required to attend the pre-application (orientation) meeting. This allows the applicant to get a picture of how the certification process works and what will be required.

Fees for FAA Certification Assistance



COST (U.S. Dollars)


  Part 135 Single Pilot (VFR) 1,950 -  

Part 135 Single Pilot (IFR)




Part 135 Single Pilot in Command




Part 135 Basic Certifications



  Part 135 Full Certifications 6,500


  Part 133 Certifications  


1,900 +
  Part 91K Fractional Certifications 3,500 6,500  
  Part 145 Repair Stations     (see below)

NOTE: Prices based on typical operator, fees vary, please call for quote. Prices subject to change without notice.





Document Services and Fees for Part 145 Repair Stations

Manual revision service for existing Part 145 Repair Stations

  • FAR Part 145 with less than 10 employees is $1400. Note: Service requires original Repair Station Manual in electronic version for editing.

Part 145 Service Description

Service includes the FAA application requirments; initial application requests, Pre-Application Statement of Intent (PASI), formal applications, special requests, and exemptions. The statement of compliance, repair station manual, quality control manual, and optional capability list.

  • Limited rating repair stations range from $2,200 to $6,500 depending on scope of operation.
  • Repair Station applicant with 10 or less employees is typically $2,200
  • For Repair Stations with more than 10 employees please call 561-373-5962 or email.



Part 145 Certifications



COST (U.S. Dollars)


Shop Size





Part 145 Certification Package





Repair Station Manual and Quality Control Manual Service





Repair Station Training Program





RS and QC Forms (set)

75 (10)

125 (18)

155 (24)


RS Training Forms

45 (10)

80 (14)

285 (18)


Repair Station Tags





Custom Floor Plans





NOTE: Prices based on typical operator, fees vary, please call for quote. Prices subject to change without notice.




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