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The Basics

Each operator's certification requirements will vary with the size and complexity of the operation, but at the very least each Part 135 will require an aircraft, a pilot, and a Principle Base of Operations (PBO). Of course this assumes that these assets are supported. Insurance, fuel, maintenance, and the like.


All First Time Applicants

We highly recommend reading the FAA certification documents referenced on this site. This will help you get familiar with the process, terms, and FAA procedures. In addition you must become very familiar with Part 135 of Federal Aviation Regulations, that goes without saying.


Getting Started

If you desire ACCG to help you with your Part 135 certification we will need some information about your proposed operation, type of aircraft, and operating areas. Please call or fill out the Company Information Form, and send it in to us. We will give you an accurate quotation and get you started right away.


ACCG helps get you through the FAA paperwork

ACCG helps solve the common problem of getting a Part 135 Air Carrier Certification by providing the information you need to get your operation up and flying. Most common is the lack of information that is necessary to provide the FAA in order to process your application. Our know-how and experience with the many FSDO's around the United States (and the world) save you time and money, money you could be making flying instead of doing paperwork.


ACCG has the resources you need

ACCG is airline pilot owned and operated. We're intimately familiar with the needs of the aircraft charter and maintenance industries. And because of our good history of working with numerous FAA personnel and Air Carriers, we have become known and been recommended as the one source for air carrier certification needs.




Your manuals, your way!

All certification projects include manuals that are custom made to your operational needs.










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