Flight training manuals for part 135 and 91k operations



Flight Training Manual Developement




Part 135 Training Manuals must encompass a complete training program that includes the needs of the operator. Meeting the requirements may not be enough. Even if you have an FAA approved training program, you must continuously review and update during training to ensure that it has completed the objectives.



An integral part of a good Part 135 Training Program Manual is the training maneuvers section. Flight Training manual development must include Event Descriptions (commonly called profiles or flight maneuvers and procedures document ). Flight Profiles and maneuver descriptions are required to meet the following FAA guidelines:

  • Must be provided for each training program
  • Should follow the guidelines in FAA Order 8900.10;
  • Are accepted only as an integral part of the overall training program subject to the revision provisions of 14 CFR § 142.37(e) and (f);
  • Must comply with all limitations of the AFM or RFM; and
  • Must comply with and be consistent with requirements and conditions of the PTS and 14 CFR.


Single-Engine Piston Airplanes & Helicopters

  • $75.00
  • Multi-Engine Piston Airplanes & Helicopters
  • $125.00
  • Turbine Aircraft (9 passenger seats or less)
  • $210.00


Includes Operators Logo, and Custom Color. (Operator provides procedures)


NOTE: Prices are approximate for a typical Part 135 operation. Subject to change without notice.







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