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ATTENTION Operators Using Electronic Manuals, Recordkeeping, and Signatures

The FAA recently updated the standards for certificate holders who use electronic manual systems including electronic signatures and electronic recordkeeping systems. This will include revised OpSpec, MSpec, TSpec, and a revised LOA (A025), which is the FAA's authorization to use these electronic systems. A six month transition period has been established for operators to make the necessary changes.

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Aviation Document Services


ACCG Provides Worldwide Aviation Certification Assistance and Aviation Manuals.


FAA approved manualsAir Carrier Compliance Group offers "turnkey" complete document service for just about all FAA required aviation manuals. Part 135 certification is our specialty. We also assist with AOC and certifications world wide.


Once the FAA approves your manuals, we stay with you for a year of support. ACCG also provides hard copies for your Principle Base of Operations office, the FAA, and the aircraft. Additionally, your manuals can be made available online (secured) and we can provide you with an electronic (PDF) file copy that you can email.



Customer Service

Part 135 checkride

Customer satisfaction is ACCG's number 1 priority. All projects, large or small, are given 100% quality assurance and a mutually agreed upon time frame. Projects are scheduled so the customers goal is met without compromising quality, and in most cases delivered early.



Aviation Experience


If you are pursuing revenue air service or repair station certification, your at the right place. The information that is available here on the site will more than familiarize you with the information you need to get started. The regulatory requirements information is available through out, most subjects have explanation narratives to help you understand the requirements.

If your ready to move forward give us a call. We have over 20 years of experience working with the FAA and assisting with certifications worldwide.





We do the Manual work for you!


  • ACCG can assist you-
  • as a liaison to the FAA, we help you create all required manuals, customized to your operation.
  • prepare your Pre and Final FAA application.
  • meet with the FAA with you or on your behalf, if needed.
  • author customized manuals specifically tuned to your Part 135 or 145 operation.
  • work directly with your FAA POI on additions, deletions, or changes to these manuals.
  • with printed and digital copies of your manuals for your library.
  • stay in compliance as FAA regulations change.



Part 91 (Sub K) Fractional Certifications

  • Complete document services for your FAA certification
  • 91k certifications for helicopter, single engine airplanes, jets...



Part 135 Certifications

A Part 135 certificate is required for those who desire to:

  • Operate aircraft for hire
  • Hold out to the public
  • Provide public transportation services by air



Custom Aviation Manual Development Services


Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Training Program

Also known as Dangerous Goods, HAZMAT training is required for all Part 135 certified air carriers.

Realistically, all operators should have a Minimum Equipment List.

Non-Essential Equipment and Furnishings

The Non-Essential Furnishings Program (NEF) applies to aircraft operators utilizing an MEL under either Part 91 or Part 135 operations.

Most certifications require an FAA Approved Training Program.

Approved Aircraft Inspection Program (AAIP)

AAIP's are required for those who operate turbine, and some turbo prop aircraft.


135 services



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